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React · Angular · Vue · Node/Serverside · Core JS/JS Frameworks · Advanced JS · Design/UI/UX · Web/HTML/CSS · Mobile · Practices

A low-cost community conference with the experience of a premium event 5X the price

Tracks: 10

10 tracks over 2 days with experts from our global front-end community

Sessions: 100+

100+ in-depth sessions and 3 awesome keynotes

Workshops: 10

Get hands-on learning with workshops from professional trainers

Ticket fee includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, drinks, after-parties, tshirts, more swag than you can shake a stick at, and entry into our mega raffle prizes and more!

There will be 1500 ppl at the 2019 event, we strive to encourage interaction to make everyone feel welcome!

Register for these awesome full-day, deep dive, hands-on workshops!

React Hooks Workshop

Kent C. Dodds

Get in the Fast Lane: Measuring Web Performance

Sia Karamalegos

A Vue on Component Patterns

Divya Sasidharan

VueVixens workshop

Jen Looper

Advanced Angular Workshop: Creating Maintainable Angular apps Guided by Tests

Venkat Subramaniam

End-to-End Testing Workshop with Cypress

Amir Rustamzadeh

Unlock: Accessibility and Conversational UI Workshop

Scott Davis

Intro to Vue

Han Solo

Hands On Machine Learning with … JavaScript? (and Friends)

Douglas Starnes


Registration is now open!



Individual Conference Conference Only October 17-18
Individual Workshop and Conference Combo Conf + Workshop October 16-18
Group (5+) Conference Conference Only October 17-18
Group (5+) Workshop and Conference Combo Conf + Workshop October 16-18
late Individual Conference Conference Only October 17-18
Late Individual Workshop and Conference Combo Conf + Workshop October 16-18
Late Group (5+) Conference Conference Only October 17-18
Late Group (5+) Workshop and Conference Combo Conf + Workshop October 16-18

10 Tracks, 100 Sessions!

Track: Keynote

Teamworking like a professional

Chris Fritz

Keynote: The Future of Frameworks

Minko Gechev

Keynote I - Cory

Cory House

The Art of Simplicity

Venkat Subramaniam

Keynote III - Kesha

Kesha Williams

AHA Programming

Kent C. Dodds

Track: Vue

Where Have Vueben All My Life


Managing State in Vue.js

Shawn Wildermuth

Vue.js for Regular People

Raymond Camden

Dependency Injection in Vue

Alex Riviere

Fundamental Component Design Patterns

Ben Hong

Building your own presentation framework

Rahul Kadyan

Real-Time Vue: Never Say "Try Refreshing?" Again

Ari Clark

Form Validation in Vue

Maria Lamardo

Going Serverless with VueJS

Divya Sasidharan

Testing Your Vue Application

Jennifer Bland

Track: Mobile

The 10 changes you’ll make after “Convert to Kotlin…”

Charles Anderson

Starting out in React Native

Tony Diaz

Becoming a Better Native Developer with React Native

Alex Hinson

Mobile Apps: To SQL or Not to SQL

Rob Hedgpeth

Flutter: Cross Platform Native Mobile Apps the Google Way

Douglas Starnes

Enterprise Level Ionic

Josh Jensen

Your cross-platform app is going 88mph

Rene Pot

Delivering Successful Mobile Projects

Shawn Johnson

Offline First React Native

Tim Whitacre

Tools and Experiences for Enterprise Mobile Application Support and Reliability Engineering

Carol Shepherd

Track: Core JS and Frameworks

TBD - Core JS

Admiral Ackbar

AWS Amplify Demystified: Putting Amplify to work

Cameron Childress

Write Cleaner JavaScript Today

Tyler Jennings

A Quick Introduction to TypeScript

Venkat Subramaniam

An Introduction to WebAssembly

Guy Royse

Typescript Deep Dive

Waller Goble

JavaScript Objects

Hunter Loftis

Practical Functional Programming in JavaScript

Jeremy Fairbank

Human Readable Javascript

Laurie Barth

Practical Unit Testing for Existing Codebases

K. Devin McIntyre

Track: Web-HTML-CSS

From Angular to Vue

Tom Colarusso

The Platform Formelly Known as Static

Raymond Camden

Improving Web Performance with Resource Hints

Darren L Martin

WebXR: an Introduction to Mixed Reality on the Web

Josh Marinacci

The Four Basic Principles of Accessibility


A tale of CSS Resets and Everything You Need to Know About Them

Margarita Obraztsova

PWA in practice

Marcus Hellberg

Believe in the Power of CSS

Chris DeMars

Developing Accessible Forms

Krystal Klumpp

Whither Wordpress? Static CMS are Finally Ready to Shine!

Brian Rinaldi

Track: Advanced JavaScript

TBD - Advanced JS

Han Solo

Get to Know Webpack

Jonathan Kemp

Bring order to your JavaScript API calls

Brenton House

The Future of Front-End Performance

Sia Karamalegos

Leveraging Powerful Jest Mocks for Effective Unit Tests

Justin Doak

Enhancing Performance with Optimistic UI and GraphQL

Rizchel Dayao

Machine Learning and AI with JavaScript

Douglas Starnes

Powerful Composition - Observables and Monadic Streams for building pipelines to tame complex data flows over time

Jeff Barczewski

Simplified Functional JS = Elegant Resilience

Jeff Barczewski

Have you met TypeScript?

Sangeeta Nori

Track: Node and Server Side JS

TBD - Node

Admiral Ackbar

Firebase Functions: What are They and What Can They Do?

Brian Zalewski

O-What? An Intro to OAuth For Software Developers.

Joel Lord

Serverless Architecture with Node

Pratik Patel

Go for Web Development and Microservices


Faas and the Serverless

Simon MacDonald

GraphQL in a Serverless World

Ray Gesualdo

WTH is a JWT

Joel Lord

Understanding OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect

Stephanie Chamblee

Close Encounters of the Node Kind

Kelly J Andrews

Track: Design-UI-UX

Dark Patterns in UI

Alyssa Nicoll

Designers + Developers: #RelationshipGoals

Ben Hong

It's Spelled 'Accessibility', not 'Disability'

Scott Davis

Build accessible apps with Cognitive Services

Jared Rhodes

Lean UX and Agile

Stephanie Laurio

Jazz Up You React Site With ✨Animations✨

Anastasiya Flynn

Styling in Vue

Jake Dohm

Cognitive Biases and the User Experience

Andrew Malek

Designing for Real Life

Michelle Brownstein

Is Visual Development the Future?

Amanda Loftis

Track: React

React + Gatsby: Smooth as butter, fast as greased lightning!

J.C. Hiatt

React && Accessibility

Sean McPherson

Why React Hooks

Kent C. Dodds

Advanced React Design Patterns

Stephen Sorensen

Real World React: Lessons from 5 Years in the Trenches

Cory House

Component-Driven Development using Storybook

Steve Pietrek

Stay (Less) Classy with React Hooks

Ray Gesualdo

Beyond Spaghetti: Cooking up better applications with inspiration from the culinary world

Ryan Lanciaux

Writing Performant React


The How and Why of Flexible React Components

Jenn Creighton

Track: Angular

NgEngine for Scalable Angular Apps

Wilson Hobbs

Angular Dependency Injection Live Coded

Venkat Subramaniam

Test Drive an Angular App

Matthew Knowles

NGRX 101

Sergio Brito

Angular Schematics

Maciej Treder

Web Components with Angular Elements

Srini Santhana

Up and Running with Angular in 60 Minutes

Justin James

5 Angular SEO lessons from the battlefield

Alain Chautard

State management: NgRx, NgXs, which one to pick?

Alain Chautard

Animations in an Angular World

Alyssa Nicoll

Track: Practices and other tech

Storybook: A Swiss Army Knife

Cody Schneider

7 Habits of Highly Successful Developers

Gaines Kergosien

Frisby.js: The Leading REST API Testing Framework

Vance Lucas

DevOps: A Love Story

Valarie Regas

Practical Security in Web Applications

Chris Holland

Beat Phishing with WebAuthn pt1

Jen Tong

Put the Tests before the Code

Mike Clement

Machine Learning for All

Erica Stanley

Kubernetes and OpenShift for JavaScript Developers

Jan Kleinert

Freelancing 101

Kelly Vaughn


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