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AHA Programming

Kent C. Dodds
The Art of Simplicity

Venkat Subramaniam
Morning Break 1

Starting out in React Native

Tony Diaz
Up and Running with Angular in 60 Minute...

Justin James
Understanding OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Conne...

Stephanie Chamblee
Kubernetes and OpenShift for JavaScript ...

Jan Kleinert
Vue.js for Regular People

Raymond Camden
Beyond Spaghetti: Cooking up better appl...

Ryan Lanciaux
JavaScript Objects

Hunter Loftis
Enhancing Performance with Optimistic UI...

Rizchel Wood
Designing for Real Life

Michelle Brownstein
The Four Basic Principles of Accessibil...

Homer Gaines
Enterprise Level Ionic

Josh Jensen
Angular Dependency Injection Live Coded

Venkat Subramaniam
Throw Me a Lifebuoy

Christopher Hiller
Practical Security in Web Applications

Chris Holland
Testing Your Vue Application

Jennifer Bland
Why React Hooks

Kent C. Dodds
Practical Unit Testing for Existing Code...

K. Devin McIntyre
Bring order to your JavaScript API calls...

Brenton House
Communicating with design

Taurie Davis
PWA in practice

Marcus Hellberg
Lunch Break 1

Run the world from the palm of your hand

Jared Rhodes
Building Reactive Applications in Angula...

Brandon Roberts
Close Encounters of the Node Kind

Kelly J Andrews
Freelancing 101

Kelly Vaughn
Fundamental Component Design Patterns

Ben Hong
React && Accessibility

Sean McPherson
A Quick Introduction to TypeScript

Venkat Subramaniam
Powerful Composition - Observables and M...

Jeff Barczewski
Is Visual Development the Future?

Amanda Loftis
Believe in the Power of CSS

Chris DeMars
Help! My cross-platform native app is sl...

Brenton House
NgEngine for Scalable Angular Apps

Wilson Hobbs
O-What? An Intro to OAuth For Software D...

Joel Lord
DevOps: A Love Story

Valarie Regas
Form Validation in Vue

Maria Lamardo
The How and Why of Flexible React Compon...

Jenn Creighton
Human Readable Javascript

Laurie Barth
Get to Know Webpack

Jonathan Kemp
Lean UX and Agile

Stephanie Laurio
Developing Accessible Forms

Krystal Klumpp
Afternoon Break 1

Tools and Experiences for Enterprise Mob...

Madeline O'Connell
Carol Shepherd
Test Drive an Angular App

Matthew Knowles
Faas and the Serverless

Simon MacDonald
Taming Change

Chris Holland
Dependency Injection in Vue

Alex Riviere
Real World React: Lessons from 5 Years i...

Cory House
Declarative APIs in an Imperative World

Tilde Thurium
Simplified Functional JS = Elegant Resil...

Jeff Barczewski
Designers + Developers: #RelationshipGoa...

Stephanie Sell
Ben Hong
From Angular to Vue

Tom Colarusso
Delivering Successful Mobile Projects

Shawn Johnson
Building reactive client experiences wit...

Jim Wooley
GraphQL in a Serverless World

Ray Gesualdo
Upping Your Interviewing Game

Natasha Carlyon
Managing State in Vue.js

Shawn Wildermuth
Writing Performant React

Niya Panamdanam
Solving the Boolean Identity Crisis

Jeremy Fairbank
Machine Learning and AI with JavaScript

Douglas Starnes
It's Spelled 'Accessibility', not 'Disab...

Scott Davis
A tale of CSS Resets and Everything You ...

Margarita Obraztsova
The Death of the Full-Stack Developer (a...

Cory House
Conference Reception


TimeKeynote/MobileAngularNode & Server SidePractices & otherVueReactCore & FrameworksAdvanced JavaScriptDesign-UI-UX Web-HTML-CSS
JavaScript and the Rise of the New Virtu...

Scott Hanselman
Machine Learning for All

Erica Stanley
Morning Break 2

Offline First React Native

Tim Whitacre
NGRX 101

Sergio Brito
Beat Phishing with WebAuthn pt1

Jen Tong
Information Overload and Personal Produc...

Scott Hanselman
Composing Functionality with the New Vue...

Jake Dohm
Jazz Up Your React Site With ✨Animations...

Anastasiya Flynn
Frisby.js: The Leading REST API Testing ...

Vance Lucas
Micro Frontend Architecture - Building ...

Erik Grijzen
Cognitive Biases and the User Experience

Andrew Malek
Improving Web Performance with Resource ...

Darren L Martin
The 10 changes you’ll make after “Conver...

Charles Anderson
Managing Your Location-Based Data Needs ...

Nic Raboy
WTH is a JWT

Joel Lord
Put the Tests before the Code

Mike Clement
Where Have Vueben All My Life

Component-Driven Development using Story...

Steve Pietrek
Practical Functional Programming in Java...

Jeremy Fairbank
Have you met TypeScript?

Sangeeta Nori
Building your own presentation framework

Rahul Kadyan
The Platform Formelly Known as Static

Raymond Camden
Lunch Break 2

Teamworking like a professional

Chris Fritz
Mobile Apps: To SQL or Not to SQL

Rob Hedgpeth
Typescript Deep Dive

Waller Goble
Firebase Functions: What are They and Wh...

Brian Zalewski
7 Habits of Highly Successful Developers

Gaines Kergosien
Real-Time Vue: Never Say "Try Refreshing...

Ari Clark
Advanced React Design Patterns

Stephen Sorensen
AWS Amplify Demystified: Putting Amplify...

Cameron Childress
The Future of Front-End Performance

Sia Karamalegos
Responsive Design Featuring ReactJS

Paige Niedringhaus
Katelyn Marsala
Whither Wordpress? Static CMS are Finall...

Brian Rinaldi
Afternoon Break 2

Flutter: Cross Platform Native Mobile Ap...

Douglas Starnes
Web Components with Angular Elements

Srini Santhana
Go for Web Development and Microservices

Cosmin Potocean
Storybook: A Swiss Army Knife

Cody Schneider
Going Serverless with VueJS

Divya Sasidharan
React + Gatsby: Smooth as butter, fast a...

J.C. Hiatt
Write Cleaner JavaScript Today

Tyler Jennings
Leveraging Powerful Jest Mocks for Effec...

Justin Doak
Build accessible apps with Cognitive Ser...

Jared Rhodes
WebXR: an Introduction to Mixed Reality ...

Blair MacIntyre
Keynote: The Future of Frameworks

Minko Gechev
Conf close and raffle

Conf After Party